Sailing Vacations

BVI 1994 This was our first in a series of many bareboat charters.  This trip was to the British Virgin Islands, in August of 1994.
BVI 1995 Our second trip was back to the British Virgin Islands, in August of 1995.
SD 1996 Next was San Diego, starting Dec 27, 1996 and returning on Jan 2, 1997.  This was an excursion up the California coast and out to Catalina Island for New Years.  Boy, what at trip!
Coming soon Back to the British Virgin Islands, in October of 1997, this time to participate in one of the annual regattas sponsored by The Moorings - the Interline Regatta.   This is a regatta where the boat's skipper must work for an airline.   The competitors are from airlines all over the world.
Coming soon Guess what - back to the British Virgin Islands.   This time, we had enough crew for two boats.   This adventure started on Nov 9, 1999, and ended on Nov 20, and included participation in Hurricane Lenny.
Coming soon For a change of pace, this year we headed off to the Bay of Islands, in New Zealand.   Our trip was from Aug 19, 2000 to Sep 3, 2000, which was Spring down there, and we endured some really interesting weather.
Coming soon Back to New Zealand again, towards the end of Summer this time, from Mar 10 to Mar 25, 2001.   We chartered a new Moorings 3800, a 38' catamaran for this trip, and again, ran into some interesting weather, but some excellent times.
Coming up! The next trip is back to the British Virgin Islands, this time in a new Moorings 4700, a 47' catamaran.   This one will be air-conditioned, because we're back to our August dates (it's cheapest then) in 2002.